Rackstraw takes on Simola

Andrew Rackstraw returned to the Knysna Simola Hillclimb for his second showing at the event in as many years. Just 6 months ago he made his debut in his circuit spec Formula VW on the sacred hills and this year he was back for another dose of high-speed hillclimbing. The Capetonian ...

Karting Thrills and Spills

It’s always a special occasion when a professional racing driver returns to their karting roots for some high speed 2 stroke action. This past weekend, Andrew Rackstraw did exactly that as he opted to enter the first round of the South African Kart Championships at his home track in Cape ...

A Test Of Perseverance

A class win and a test of perseverance for Rackstraw at the Killarney 9 hour Andrew Rackstraw crowned the 2021 Investchem Formula 1600 Champion took on his 2nd dose of the Killarney 9 hour. The event that took place this last Saturday,  celebrated 50 years of the South African Endurance Series ...

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