As the Global Touring Car Championship heads into Round 5, all eyes are on Andrew Rackstraw as he prepares to make his mark at the East London Grand Prix Circuit.

After a challenging previous race weekend at Aldo Scribante, Rackstraw and his team are determined to bounce back and showcase their true potential in the upcoming event. Considering Race One at the previous round saw the top 5 GTC drivers all with one-tenth of each other’s lap times, you can bet on the racing being closely contested once again this coming weekend.

Rackstraw’s journey thus far in the GTC Championship has been a rollercoaster ride. While he has demonstrated his skill and competitiveness with a race win earlier in the season, setbacks and incidents have hindered his progress. As he heads to East London, Rackstraw currently sits in the middle of the championship standings, eager to climb up the ranks and make a significant impact in Round 5.

The East London Grand Prix Circuit provides a picturesque and historic backdrop for the race weekend. Known for its fast and flowing nature, the circuit presents a unique challenge for drivers, testing their abilities to find the perfect balance between speed and precision.

Looking ahead to the race, Rackstraw expressed his enthusiasm and determination. “I’m excited to tackle the East London Grand Prix Circuit and get back on track after the disappointments of the previous round. This is a fresh opportunity to show our true potential and make up for lost ground in the championship.”

Rackstraw’s team, led by Lee Thompson Racing, has been working diligently to address the issues that plagued the car in the previous round. The aim is to fine-tune the Golf 8 GTI and ensure that it performs optimally on the demanding East London circuit. With their collective expertise and dedication, the team is confident in their ability to provide Rackstraw with a competitive machine.

“We’ve analyzed the incidents from the previous race weekend and have made the necessary adjustments to improve performance,” Rackstraw explained. “The team has been exceptional in their commitment, and I have complete faith in their ability to provide me with a well-prepared car.”

East London marks another chance for Rackstraw to make an impact on the championship. With a mix of high-speed straights and challenging corners, the circuit demands precision, strategy, and bold overtaking manoeuvres. Rackstraw’s experience and adaptability will be crucial in navigating the track and gaining an advantage over his competitors.

In addition to his driving skills, Rackstraw recognizes the importance of his sponsors and team in his quest for success. RDSA, Sparco, Ravenol, SimGrid, and Investchem have been invaluable partners, providing support and resources to ensure that Rackstraw and his team can compete at the highest level.

“I’m grateful for the continued support of our sponsors,” Rackstraw acknowledged. “Their belief in our abilities and their contributions play a significant role in our performance on and off the track. We strive to represent them with pride and deliver results that reflect our collective efforts.”

With Round 5 on the horizon, Rackstraw and his team are eager to make their mark at the East London Grand Prix Circuit. They are focused on maximizing their potential, securing strong finishes, and accumulating valuable championship points.

“As a team, we’re focused on the bigger picture,” Rackstraw emphasized. “We’re determined to bounce back from the challenges we faced and make our presence felt in the championship. Every race is an opportunity to showcase our skills, and we’re ready to rise to the occasion.”

Stay tuned for what should be a very exciting weekend of racing. East London always delivers thrilling racing and it should be no different in 2023. 

Let’s go racing!

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