Rackstraw Back In His Kart

This past weekend saw Andrew Rackstraw back behind the wheel of his Rotax Senior Max kart for what was Round 4 of the Western Province Motor Club Regional Karting Championship.

Karting has been Rackstraw’s longest-running racing formula, as 2022 marks his 8th year in the sport. He is a strong believer in sticking to his roots where it all began. With that in mind let’s go over the details of the weekend.

Why Karting?

We have alluded to it in the past and it’s still no secret, Rackstraw has a busy schedule! Between his studies and all his racing responsibilities, he has had a tough time balancing everything out and sometimes sacrifices have to be made.  Amidst the busy schedule that the young man manages, he was fortunate enough to make time to return to his karting roots where his racing career kicked off all those years ago. Rackstraw, who is still very fond of his karting, has been involved since day 1 and even after moving over to his main circuit racing he kept karting in the background. 

Ask any top-level racing driver and they will tell you karting is the best formula to learn, train, and keep your eye in. The feeling you get from a kart is next to none and even Formula 1 drivers use it as their training tool in the off-season. The speeds and sensations you get from a kart are said to be the closest simulation to driving an F1 car because of how fast everything happens. Split-second decisions make the difference in what is already a mental and physical challenge. Because of this Rackstraw continues to test himself against some of the best our country has to offer. And in Cape Town in the Senior Max class, we are blessed to have multiple champions like Tate Bishop and Charl Visser who continue to set the bar high.

Race Day

Saturday was a perfect day for some kart racing and Rackstraw was smiling as getting back in the kart had been something that he hadn’t had the chance to do since the National back in March. With the limited mileage in mind, it was fantastic to see him right up there on the timesheets.

Come qualifying and it was anyone’s game. Rackstraw, looking sharp in his RDSA CRG kart pulled a lap together that was good enough for P2 and a front-row start.

From there he was able to launch his attacks in the race. Race 1 was an all-out battle from the top 3 as lead changes happened on the regular. It was close, hard-fought racing but come the checkered flag it would be a P3 finish. 

Race 2 and 3 saw the GTC rookie start 2nd once again, solidifying again the strong pace he was displaying. The single-seater National champion showed his class by pulling off some super overtakes and showing that he still has the hunger to win.

After some bumper-to-bumper stuff, Rackstraw can hold high head high with a 3rd overall for the day. He dug deep and delivered a deserving result.

“It was a tough weekend where I really had to dig deep. After basically no mileage from the national to this regional, there was little to no practice I had done leading into this weekend. We tried our best, and for the circumstances, I was very happy to bring back the 3rd position for the day. Karting has always been fun, and something I will never give up on as it is an amazing fitness and is completely underrated as a perfect platform to sharpen up one’s reflexes and fitness. A huge thanks have to go to RDSA, Investchem, Sparco, RaceBook and my amazing family for their continued support.”

What’s Next?

Catch Rackstraw in action as he prepares for Round 4 of the Extreme Festival at Red Star Raceway. The young man will be piloting his GTC Audi and will look to use his karting mileage to find those extra tenths on track come race day.

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